Multiple lottery winners – urban legend or reality?

November 5, 2015Lottery News, Standard

Winning the lottery is life-changing as it is, but can you imagine it happening more than once? As unbelievable as it may seem – some people are actually living the dream and have plenty to be thankful for. Playing the lotto for years and then suddenly cashing out with more than you have ever hope for is certainly the exception, not the rule, but for the rest of us – just knowing things like this happen to others can be motivational enough to buy a ticket.

For lucky Virginia couple, winning the lotto three times in a month proved no proved when they scooped $2.050.000 in total winnings from a scratch-off game, a Powerball draw and the Virginia Lottery’s Pick 4 game with ten tickets. Calvin and Zatera Spencer from Portsmouth were certainly on a winning streak and had everyone at the Virginia lottery baffled when they showed up with the winning ticket.multiple-winners-ca-lotteryAnother surprisingly lucky player had such confidence in himself that he used his birth year numbers. He ended up winning 42 prizes for the total amount of $200.000. Wiley Tuley from Cedar Rapids contributed his success in winning the lotto to equal parts luck and good planning.

A very fortunate player with a Phd in statistics from Stanford University managed to collect $21.000.000 in total winnings after his spree started in 1993. She bought all of her four tickets in Texas and three of the lotto tickets were even purchased from the same mini mart in Bishop. Some suspect she could have figured out the algorithm of distribution of winning tickets in every state.

When six Powerball tickets were bought by one Arizona man he probably didn’t imagine they would all turn out to be winners, netting him a total of $6.000.000 in a single night of playing the lotto. Back in 2012 the six tickets with identical main numbers won $1.000.000 each and he had to collect his prizes in three separate visits to the lottery office in Phoenix.