Inspirational EuroMillions stories

October 19, 2015Lottery News, , Standard

With the recent EuroMillions jackpot coming to £101 million, a lot of people took a shot at trying their luck in the popular lottery. Fridays draw led to a rollover, but five lucky winners still managed to guess 5 numbers and a lucky star each, which means each of them won the sum of £441,327.

Many inspirational stories show that regular folks are the ones who most often benefit from the lotto and the way it changes their lives for the better at the drop of a hat. Most of these people choose to continue living their lives in a simple manner. Sure, it’s nice to pay off that student loan you’ve been dragging for years or the mortgage on the house, but not everyone makes it their goal to completely change their lifestyle and start splurging big time.euromillionsIn 2014 an anonymous lottery winner in France started donating large sums of money to charity after winning £72 million in the lotto. He continued to do so throughout the following years, retaining his anonymity, with sources confirming he gave away two-thirds of his fortune. After a long period of silence, he only came in contact with the media to mention the local tobacco store, where he had bought the winning ticket.

Another lottery winner, who also happened to be a CEO of a small electronics company, chose to donate the entire jackpot from winning the lotto of $40 million to cancer charities in the loving memory of his deceased wife. Tom Crist from Calgary, Canada became famous for his generous undertakings as he continued to help people in need even after his enormous contribution. Helping others has given the man a new purpose and meaning in life with him pointing out that it’s not about the acknowledgement that comes with it, but rather the satisfaction of being there for people in need. “Fortunately, I am lucky enough to earn more than enough apart from winning the lotto, so this is not an issue” he says.

Of course, everyone is different and there is no right or wrong way to send one’s winnings, but these stories of wonderful human beings show that, in the greater scheme of things, it’s what we give back to the world that truly defines us.